How to Learn New Material Quickly and Effectively and Solve Problems Creatively



Learn New Material Quickly and Effectively – Solve Problems Creatively

Build exceptionally useful skills like Mind Mapping to advance your career

Date: Tues-Thurs, 3-5 December 2013
Venue: Houghton TM Centre, 19 Third Street, Houghton Estate
Time: 08:30 -5:00 pm, 3 Days

If you’ve ever been stuck for a name, lost your cool under pressure, or worked all night to meet a deadline–you’re not alone.

Most of us use a fraction of the potential of our brains.

If you are going to stay ahead of your peers in this hectic age, you need to know how to get the most out of your brain. And you’ll be pleased to know that you can realise truly staggering improvements in your abilities by applying some of the latest research findings in brain function. So join us in Houghton and learn mind mapping, creativity and study skills – to name just a few essentials of this skills workshop. 

During these intensely practical three days you will come to respect the amazing capacity of your brain. You will learn a range of powerful thing, learning, planning and communication skills. Register today to also:

  • Dr Richard Broomeimprove your memory
  • improve your creativity
  • learn how professionals in public life never forget a name
  • learn how to cut meeting times in half
  • learn practical ways to control stress
  • learn how to boost your own or your children’s achievements at school, university  or technikon.
  • dramatically improve your personal effectiveness and productivity.

Make this new knowledge based on the latest research work for you! Last course comments:

“Very well presented. Great delivery style. Good pace, good timing of breaks. Met and exceeded expectation; new skills developed in memory recall techniques, review tools, turbo reading–all of which I can apply. New confidence to try new stuff and to think I can succeed.” KH

“A fantastic 3 days. Loved the Power Learning–such a wonderful way to be knowledgeable in many different areas. Wish I had learned this at school.” AR

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who needs to gather huge amounts of information, both verbal and written (e.g. training course material, legislation, product and system specifications, software manuals, etc).,
  • Consultants, Managers and personnel undergoing training,
  • those who are on registered learnerships,
  • those who need better short term memory to remember key things and key people,
  • officers whose jobs require a degree of problem solving, creativity, information memorisation and recall, or where they act as change agents. This includes
  • staff of technology areas and other project environments,
  • project staff and change agents in line administration areas,
  • those identified for “fast track”,
  • members of graduate programmes,
  • systems analysts, business analysts, programmers, software specialists, systems programmers, analyst programmers, application programmers, project leaders, network consultants, support specialists,
  • junior, middle and senior managers, section managers, and
  • anyone doing any kind of thinking, brainstorming, or attending meetings or presentations.


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