How long does it take you to master an average new business book? Do you read fast enough?

Because if you’re not quick, it’s hard to stay ahead of the curve. You after an MBA or next step up the exec ladder?

Your MBA will hurt. I know, because I’ve been there. The reading and study loads are insane, which means that your family life will suffer. Your marriage will be at stake.

Luckily for you, you can learn how to get through a text like The 30 day MBA in UNDER 90 MINUTES.

You read that right – that’s 314 pages speed read, mind mapped, and your priorities sorted. I know you don’t believe me. So let me show you.

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Don’t you think it would help if you thought differently about your personal development?

You can learn thinking skills like mind mapping, speed reading and problem-solving. These are essential skills if you want to crush the competition.

You Can Achieve Incredible Things With Your Life.

And you can learn how here.

We have had hundreds of reports of career and life change following the Thinking Skills approach.

“What a remarkable, interesting and pleasant presenter Richard is!  I totally enjoyed this course and got a tremendous amount from coming and participating. Thank you doesn’t seem enough! “TB, Perth, WA


  • How to speed read, which means you save huge amounts of time
  • How to do mindmaps, which means that the entire meeting or even textbook or chapter  is summarised on one sheet
  • How to do problem-solving, which means you don’t have to face the awful consequences of big mistakes
  • How to concentrate, so your productivity is maxed.
  • How to keep meetings focussed and productive so that everyone ends with a sense of accomplishment
  • How to make better presentations, so you win the respect of your peers and students.
  • How to remember important stuff – I could go on and on.

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You’ll learn ways to save yourself a LOT of time, which means you get through your learning challenges without damaging your life.

Not good at remembering names? You can do it easily if you know how.

Psychologists have long pointed out that most of us use only a fraction of our brains’ potential. Most of us know more about the operation of a simple electric toaster than about the workings of the brain. But the brain is the most complex piece of computing equipment in the known universe!

Do you need to stay ahead of your competition in this hectic age? So you need to know how to get the most out of your brain. It has billions of working parts and almost infinite complexity.

You can realize staggering improvements in your abilities.

How? By applying some of the latest research findings in brain function to how you go about specific tasks.

For instance, why mind maps work better than traditional notes. It’s because a mindmap models the way the brain works.

You will come to respect the extraordinary capacity of your brain. You will learn a range of exceptional thinking, learning, planning and communication skills. And its serious fun.

“Initially, I came onto the course looking for a speed reading course. And I came across this. Initially, all I wanted was the speed reading aspect…I find myself quite overwhelmed at the work I have to do and the number of readings I had to do. And I just felt my reading speed was not adequate.

I’ve come out of it with an increased reading speed, but actually,  I’ve come out with so much more. For me, it’s been more helpful than I ever ever could have imagined actually.

Within the course – probably the most influential skill that I learnt was definitely the mind maps. The use of mind maps – the haste with which you can still have that same level of attention and comprehension. And it’s also just a great way of being able to go back. For me, I hated going back to my notes. And the reason I hated going back is I would always flick back, and I will see these linear notes which were just sentences of long, boring material. Going back, I used to just roll my eyes because I knew – I just felt like I was going into a war zone of just the book of material. But with the use of the mind maps going back is extremely easy. Going back and seeing the colour and the images – everything in the mind maps is just easy to go back to. And it’s not like it’s bulk material.

But essentially the mind maps have saved me. So the teachings of the mind map have been extremely, extremely influential to me. And just remembering things – the memory – the mnemonics also played a part in ensuring that I can keep up and remember all these things. 

I don’t think that I’d be getting through the work at the speed that I am.
The way that I’ve learnt to study now has been incredibly helpful.

So that’s also been a nice thing to know that – I can trust my brain to decode what just a single keyword might mean in the context. And it’s as if I’ve actually written out a full sentence of explanation of what that means. But it’s just almost easier on my brain. It sounds quite funny, but it just works.” MG UCT

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Schedule an appointment for a 30-minute consultation and coaching. R500.

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