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There are so many big positive changes on the horizon that I am breathless. But you need to be positioned to take advantage of the new opportunities. And that means reading and learning – which can be a struggle – specially if you are studying part-time.

Now you can up-skill yourself to read and learn MUCH FASTER with some fascinating brain info and enjoyable online training. 

So you may like to join us Monday. 

You can take the Learn 200% Faster course as 11 live sessions starting this Monday 10 July. 

Folks contact us every day about wanting to read faster. Because information overload is getting worse. So professional and family life survival depends on conquering insane workloads. 

This course will be rewarding for you, whether you are headed for a higher qualification or simply have to cope with masses of reading.

It’s called “the course for courses”. You will learn practical strategies to think, read and learn faster, and remember more. And that’s not all.

“Just wanted to say I have been studying online for a year now and the way this course is set up is extremely inspiring and does not compare with anything I have seen before, I feel as if I am truly part of a class filled with people just as enthusiastic as I am. Congratulations and thank you, Richard.” – Eric


SESSION ONE – Going into battle. I’m a little nervous but excited to be on the winning side!
“Preparedness is the key to success and victory.” – Douglas MacArthur 

  • Overview of the course and platform – pre-takeoff briefing
  • Ways to boost your reading speed, study speed, creativity and memory

“i loved every lecture, i found the lectures simple and the presentation beautiful. the simplicity of not only the course content but the way in which it shared lovely. very personal and i found i could identify with the character of the presenter in a personal way.” – Colin

SESSION TWO – Your incredible Brain
“The world is as I am.” – Attributed to Rumi, Carl Jung and Albert Einstein, among others.

  • Your Incredible Brain. But why the problems?
  • Why we need balance between concrete and abstract thinking
  • Essential brain information. The brain is designed for balance. What neuroscience teaches us how to improve all areas of life
  • How to boost creativity, memory, productivity and much more
Opened my mind to to the unknown. Wish I was taught these strategies at school or sooner.” – Kenneth

SESSION THREE – How to think faster. The incredible power of Hooks
“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anais Nin

  • An Advanced Course for Beginners –  How to do Mind Maps and Dumps for any task requiring thinking
  • Why Mind Maps have no peer for thinking and organising thoughts
  • How you remember and store anything.
“Mind Opening…..makes preparing a speech seem like a piece of cake.” – Keba


“I love the dumping method you are introducing.” – Tsietsi

SESSION FOUR – How to use Mind Maps to simplify and speed up almost any thinking task
“I used to take formal notes in lines of blue, and underline the key words in red, and I realised I needed only the key words and the idea. Then to bring in connections, I drew arrows and put in images and codes. It was a picture outside my head of what was inside my head – ‘mind map’ is the language my brain spoke.” – Tony Buzan

  • How to do Mind Maps and Dumps using digital or analog methods
  • How to accelerate note-taking, planning, organising thoughts
  • How to prepare presentations faster
  • How to get started with difficult tasks
  • How to structure a proposal from scratch when no proforma is to hand 
  • Exam technique
  • etc

“Simply amazing!” – Clive 

“”I really enjoyed the Dumping and Mind Mapping course. An extremely valuable tool to have in my arsenal.” –  Sean” 

“Mind mapping is a great tool to use for organizing one’s thoughts, to use for problem-solving, and one thing I also found interesting was that it can be used for counselling.” – Olinka

SESSION FIVE – TurboReading
“Speed is irrelevant if you are going in the wrong direction.” — Mahatma Gandhi
“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” — Harry Truman

  • How to read 4 – 10x faster with the same or even better comprehension
  • How the eyes work while reading – saccades and the power of peripheral vision
  • The power of Motivation
  • How to use a guide and the power of conditioning.
“I’m currently reading a book just for enjoyment and i have been amazed at how much faster i have been able to read whilst still having the same and if not more comprehension. I think that the use of a guide has been the defining factor for me.” – Michael 


“Your technique was absolutely amazing. I did really find the course quite useful with really useful practical tips on improving my reading speed, your consistent support and follow-up is greatly appreciated! Thank you!” Dr J. K. 

SESSION SIX – Memory Max. How to remember almost anything
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

  • How memory works while you are learning something new 
  • How to get things to stick in memory
  • When and how to review so you spend less time cramming but remember five times more

“Wow, I am amazed at all these insights – will definitely be using this review method. Rachel

“All that hard studying for no reason, just kept forgetting the data……now i have a way forward. Awesome stuff!” – Renesh

“Very insightful. It’s amazing.” – Mitchell

“To observe attentively is to remember distinctly.” – Edgar Allan Poe

  • How to remember do-lists, shopping lists etc even when no paper or smartphone is to hand
  • How to boost your persuasiveness simply by remembering peoples’ names

“This was great fun and it actually works! 20/20” – Adaan

“This system is amazing, and it brings to life the fact that data has hooks.”  – Rachel

SESSION EIGHT – PowerLearning – How to gut that 300 page MBA or LLM textbook in an hour
“Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill” – Tony Buzan

  • Here are the specific steps and strategies EXACTLY how its done
  • Survival skills for Medicine, MBA, Law, Engineering, every discipline

“Can’t wait to test it in real practice.” – Ronny

“This is very helpful, especially for studies and professional work.” – Mitchell

SESSION NINE – PowerLearning – Hands-on
“Just as food eaten without appetite is a tedious nourishment, so does study without zeal damage the memory by not assimilating what it absorbs.” – Leonardo da Vinci

  • We will gut our 200 – 300 page textbooks in an hour. Seriously. You will be amazed.
“This really is amazing !!! Absolutely, a full understanding of the book in less than an hour > Thank you.”  – Colin

“I was that student that would read 70 pages and have 22 pages of notes!!!!  This method is fantastic and is going to be so helpful in the future.  I will never again start a textbook from front to back!” – Mandi

“Amazed, I have exams coming up in 3 weeks and I’ve already used power learning to completely break down what I am learning.” – Elad

“I have been able to prepare for my presentation in a very short space of time with the new information that I have just read. Power learning is a very powerful tool.” – Sibusiswe

SESSION TEN – Problem Solving and Creativity boosting
“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein

  • How to release mental blocks
  • How to recognise self-imposed limitations
  • How to conduct more fruitful brainstorming sessions
  • How to generate 5x more ideas than your peers in your next meetin
  • How to solve problems more creatively
“I went from 3 to 10. Was interesting to see the difference in my answers and how in the first test my answers were simple and not creative but second test my answers were hugely creative and i got so exited that I didn’t even include the simple answer of using a bottle to drink!!” – Michael

“Rest is the basis of activity.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
“Nowhere can a man withdraw to a more untroubled quietude than in his own soul. 
Grant yourself this withdrawal continually and refresh yourself.” – Marcus Aurelius

  • The importance of rest and good sleep.
  • How to beat insomnia
  • Where does diet and exercise fit in?
  • Th critical importance of Transcendence
“Life changing jewels. Thanks so much Dr.” Mitchell


I have been practicing TM for some time now and it has changed my life exponentially.
In every way i am more complete.
Thank you” –  Colin


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