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Problem solving and skills development with Thinking Skills.

Have you ever been stuck for a name, lost your cool under pressure, or worked all night to meet a deadline?

Hey, you’re not alone!

But there IS hope. Do you know how your brain works? This skills development workshop will give you the following outcomes. You will be able to:

  • Learn new material quickly and effectively
  • Solve problems more creatively
  • See the “big picture” – make better decisions
  • Improve your critical thinking
  • Remember names
  • Concentrate while in meetings, presentations or during study
  • Keep meetings focussed – for example during a strat planning session
  • Make better presentations – better prepared and better delivered
  • Improve idea generation, for example during a brainstorm
  • Read faster
  • Handle masses of information – in presentations, meetings or study.


  1. Mind Maps for Personal Productivity • Take better notes and win acclaim for your presentations using Tony Buzan’s mind maps®.• Get promoted sooner for the quality of your planning and systems analysis. 
• Keep meetings short and find more time in your day using mind maps.
• Make better decisions and manage time better.
• Organise your thoughts better. 
• Balance your brain to improve your memory, creativity, negotiating … everything!
  2. Memory Skills • Learn how your memory works – be noted for your brain power.
• Gain better long and short-term recall.
• Practice mnemonic techniques to recall names and lists.
• Get your money’s worth from seminars.
• How to boost recall of a study session to find more time for life.
• How to time your presentation right to help others to get your message.
  3. Creativity and Problem Solving Skills • How to improve your creativity and have less problems.
• How to manage the brain-storming process to see the light faster.
• Turn on the mind/body chemistry of the “Aha!” response with meditation.
  4. TurboReading • Improve your speed and uptake to find more time to work and play.
• How you can upgrade your reading skills with least effort.
• Manage your in-basket better by using reading “gears”  to save time.
  5. The Brain • Be inspired by your brain function and latent power.
• How to break bad habits and attitudes using what you learned about how memory works.
• Mental set and how to improve your  self-image and motivation.
• How to improve your success by use of breaks and “buffer zones”
• Walk in the footsteps of all outstanding leaders and intellectuals.
• How to turn on your motivation centre and banish put-off itis.
  6. PowerLearning • Improve your focus and get key content faster.
• Set and get your learning goals.
• Gut a major 300 page software guide or textbook in an hour.
  7. Stress Management Skills • How to use rest, exercise, diet, lifestyle and meditation to bless your future.
• Tune your brain function to be more creative and less stressed.Learning Outcomes• Save time by learning new material quicker and more effectively.• Solve problems more creatively.• Work smarter, not harder.• Improved memory.• Improved creativity.• Never forget a name.• Cut meeting times in half.• Control stress.• Improved personal effectiveness and productivity.

Gain a range of major thinking, learning, planning and data handling skills. Banish info overload. Learn creative problem solving. This noted 3-day workshop will give you many tools you can apply now in your daily life.

This reasonably priced skills development workshop is designed for those holding posts with heavy workloads and seeking greater success. Those wanting to be more creative and motivated. Managers, project managers, business analysts,  supervisors, human resource managers, Internal consultants, human resources professionals, learning and development executives, team leaders, consultants.

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