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How Mind Mapping helps you with Motivation and Goal Setting

mind mappingThe world has changed. Things are hectic and everyone is in a rush to finish work-so your motivation for big-picture items like “get that MBA” suffers…

Mind Maps are a great help with motivation. They get the ball rolling and keep you focussed. Mind mapping helps you organise your ideas during the process of goal setting and then helps keep them in front of you–so you achieve more.

Here’s how to weave mind mapping into your goal setting to boost your motivation and achievement.

Write Down your Feelings and Accomplishments – How do you feel about your accomplishments?  Mind map them. You will have a number of accomplishments in your life. Mapping keeps them visible and memorable.

Set Personal Goals – Having goals is more than important. Knowing what your goals are is even more crucial. Map those goals. It helps you with the process of goal setting.  It helps you follow them, because they are more memorable. As you track your progress, cross the old goals off one by one. You will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Know your Reasons – What is your reason for wanting to accomplish this goal? What exactly is on your mind? Mapping is a splendid way to unlock your inner reasons.

Take Breaks –  Doing this helps to reduce your level of stress, and it harnesses your inner creativity. Research shows that taking breaks actually SAVES time. It saves more time than it uses!

Mind maps are a great way to boost your motivation, get going with your goal setting and speed the achievement of your personal goals.

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