Who learns the most?


“The teacher is no longer merely the-one-who-teaches, but one who is himself taught in dialogue with the students, who in turn while being taught also teach.” Paulo Freire (1921-1997)

It is true that one of the best ways to learn is to teach.

It gives us a better understanding of the material from the ground up.

If we can take something complicated and distill it down so that someone else can learn it, we are mastering the concept ourselves.

We are asked questions – questions we might never have thought of on our own.  In finding the answers, we learn more about the concept, and about ourselves.  So the students become the teachers as well.  We are all teachers, just as we are all students

At Thinking Skills we have always used adult learning or active learning principles to guide the workshop process. And we cover a great deal of practical how-to and where to go for help. With choosing a meditation technique for example. That may be why the sessions attract such consistently great feedback:

A brilliant light hearted, but extremely serious course.
Richard, Standard Bank, Johannesburg

I found the course to be totally enjoyable. Prior to attending I felt that I had zero creativity, limited problem solving ability, too slow comprehension of reading matter and far too long summaries. This course has been a tremendous confidence booster – I now know that I have creative ability, quicker reading and comprhension and improved approach to problem solving. Many thanks for a course that I can use everyday, from today.
Agatha, AECI, Modderfontein

Exceptional course because I go away with more skill in my repertoire – very valuable. Richard is an energetic course leader – professional language, dress and articulation.
Frek, Iscor, Pretoria

The presenter is the best I have come across in my entire life.
Malcolm, M.S. & A, Krugersdorp

This is the best course I have ever been on. (Most educational).
Danie, Richards Bay Coal Terminal, Richards Bay

Excellent course – met and exceeded my expectations. Fun, stimulating and thought provoking! Thanks Richard for “unlocking” my mind!
Andre, Old Mutual, Cape Town

For the first time ever, I was never bored. Excellent course. Will certainly recommend it.
Nasir, AECI, Modderfontein

A wonderful course. I will recommend it highly to friends and colleages. I feel very positive about the rest of my life and have so many new facts/ideas and ways of improving all aspects of my work and personal life. Thanks Richard.
Debbie, Old Mutual, Cape Town

Fantastic. Not often does a seminar cover the practical application of information with immediate results.
Douglas, Caltex, Cape Town